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Throughout history, we have always met to raise our glasses as a global symbol of celebration. This action has evolved over the years. The current mixology has a personality that makes it unique. New ingredients combined in novel ways enhance the experience for those who enjoy it. At Karma, we seek to constantly innovate and tell our story in every drink.


We have created a selection of artisan drinks that are a true expression of the magic that surrounds us. Every sip you experience at our establishment is a tribute to the generous land that provides us with exceptional quality ingredients. Our mixologists, true masters of the art of cocktails, will guide you on a unique journey through captivating flavors and a story that shapes what Karma is. 


From reinvented classics to innovative creations, our drinks are a perfect blend of tradition and cutting edge. Each cocktail is carefully made with fresh and authentic ingredients, highlighting the distinctive flavors and aromatic notes that make them unique. 


As you delve into this experience, you will discover that our drinks are much more than just mixes. Each one tells a story, a tale of traditions and secrets. Let us take you by the hand on this fascinating journey, where each sip will immerse you in a unique sensory dimension.

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