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Honoring the magic and mysticism of the land where KARMA was born, the concept, design, food and drinks pay homage to Mother Nature and provide a healthy experience for each guest.


How we choose to perceive life is an important part of how we enjoy our journey. In the heart of the Tulum jungle, there is a place where our energy unites with nature, and magic takes over it. Karma is a complete sensory experience that connects you with your inner vibration, how to embrace its power depends on each one of us.


En Karma, no solo estamos comprometidos con ofrecerle una experiencia culinaria excepcional, sino también con crear un ambiente acogedor y sofisticado donde puedas disfrutar de cada momento. 


Descubre un mundo culinario lleno de pasión, creatividad y la esencia misma de los ingredientes locales en cada bocado. Te invitamos a deleitar tu paladar y dejarte llevar por el placer culinario en su forma más exquisita.

Live a magical encounter.


In the heart of the exuberant jungle of Tulum, there is a magical place where our energy merges with nature, and magic comes to life. Karma is much more than just an experience; it is a sensory connection that invites you to tune in to your inner vibration. Each of us has the power to embrace this unique and transformative experience at our own pace.

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